What should you have in your wardrobe this winter? When it comes to fashion trends this winter season, it is easy to get confused. Top brands have chucked so many different design ideas at us this year that it is difficult to know where you stand. I went shopping with my colleagues from charlotte London escorts the other day, and I did not want I should buy. It seems that everything and anything goes this year, and I think the rest of the girls at London escorts are as confused as I am.Next time you are in the shops, take a look around and you will notice the many different materials available.

I have bought myself a couple of nice leather skirts for London escorts along with some animal print tops. However, it is not only leather and animal prints which are in. Tweeds and bold logos are popular as well. Like one of my girlfriends from London escorts said: How do mix tweeds and bold logo prints? I am not sure it looks so great. I love wearing a coat when I finish my evening shift at London escorts, but this season you will find precious few coats in the shops.

Capes seems to be the thing to wear. I guess a cape is pretty much perfect for a London escorts date. A cape can give you that sort of mysterious look and give a gentleman the impression that you are a bit of femme fatale. At first, I was not sure it was the right thing to buy, but I have become rather fond of my new cape. What about footwear? Thankfully for me, both flats and heels are in. When I am not working for London escorts I love to put a pair of flat boots on. They are ten times much more comfortable to walk in.

As we know, the pavements in London are in a heck of a state thanks to maintenance cutbacks, and with rainy days ahead, flat boots are a must-have. During my working day at charlotte London escorts, I do prefer to wear high heels which is fine as long as you are inside. Thanks to the Meghan Markle effect, there seems to be a lot of copycat royal jewellery on the market.

Many London escorts have gone out and spent some decent money on jewellery this season instead of in investing in something else. I have personally bought myself a Cartier watch. Just as Meghan, it is my present to myself and I love it. It is funny how some people give you extra credence when you wear a nice watch. I can understand why so many of the men I date at London escorts opt to invest in Rolex watches now that I own a posh watch myself. Not that I have any plans of wearing my Cartier watch on dates. It will be something that I wear when I go out on personal dates. You never know, I may attract the right man for me.